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Our 30 years of experience as a nautical manufacturer has earned us a renowned place on both the local and the international market. We are reputed for being one of the most acclaimed and dynamically developing yacht producers.

Cutting-edge design and constant improvement are our key to success.We are constantly investing in the stock of machine tools, introducing new models each year, and applying leading edge solutions. VIKO YACTS has seamlessly merged the integration of new technologies and craftsmanship; this is what drives our boatbuilding. Our products are the result of the combined efforts of Italian and German designers that are backed up by our near 30 years expertise.

VIKO YACHTS has 10 500 square meters of production space with a reliable, modern machine park.Our employees form a passionate, competent team of advisors, technicians, and dedicated production employees.

Over 200 units leave our two factories each year. VIKO YACHTS possesses 3 main outlets in Europe. Our international distribution network extends to nearly 30 dealers; this allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive customer service.

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At the turn of 2013/14, our new sports yacht line was launched. VIKO S 22 and VIKO S 30 were designed by Italian studio SLYD di Sergio Lupoli. By 2015, we introduced VIKO S 21 which quickly gained lots of interest and came to be a bestseller. The 2017 Dusseldorf International Boat Show was the opening night for yet another yacht from the same design line-VIKO S 26. New models, VIKO 35 and VIKO 40, are due to be launched soon as we are relentlessly working to expand our selection.

We strive for excellence to provide the best sailing experience to our customers.